How to File Without Opening a Client Account

If you expect to file a notice or request a certified search report infrequently, you may make payment of the fee to the Treasury Cashier at its office in Honiara. To find the correct fee, consult the fee table by clicking the Fees link on the home page of the Filing Office website at .The Treasury Cashier will give you a receipt.

Take the receipt to the Secured Transactions Filing Office at its office in the Companies Registry Building. The Secured Transactions Filing Officer will apply the payment to a temporary account.

Now you may return to the Filing Office website,, to file your notice. On the home page,

  • Click on the link for "Non-Client Log-in."
  • Enter your receipt number and the other required information.
  • Click "Submit."
  • Proceed to file your notice. If you need help, consult the instructions on how to file a notice on the home page.